TTC? Surprising emotions that may accompany this “trying” time


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Unless you get pregnant on the first “try”, there’s a good possibility you and your partner are in for an emotional roller-coaster ride. Fasten your safety belts because it WILL be a bumpy ride! TTC can be a tumultuous time in your relationship or marriage.

 *Tip of the day* Ovulation and pregnancy tests from the drug stores can get expensive. Thankfully we found out early on that none other than the good ol dollar store carries them!

 Elation, Anxiety or disappointment?

 So you have made the decision to TTC and are so happy to bring a little one into your lives? You research the best timing in your cycle, you DTD (do the deed) and anxiously await the results. You pee on the stick, embrace each other tightly and stare for the next few minutes for that positive sign to appear. If it does, you are crying tears of joy! However if that is not the case, all of a sudden you cry tears of disappointment, worry, sadness, insecurity or inadequacy. We even felt jealousy when we would see teenagers and other parents happily pushing their buggies. On top of all those emotions, DTD soon became a chore and lost its lustre.

What’s wrong with us?

 We suddenly identified and could sympathize with so many other couples who had troubles conceiving. It took us 3 tries before we wondered if we were “trying” too hard? With all that we could do to “prepare” for conception, what my husband and I soon learned was the miracle of conception was ultimately out of our hands. Besides actually DTD (the pure mechanical of things), the actual conception was/is (in our belief) from a more divine origin. We turned to prayer and gave up DTD with the “goal” in mind of TTC. This not only changed DTD back to making love but simultaneously eliminated a lot of stress from our marriage.

 The next month, we were pregnant!



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