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Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentines Day


I don’t know about you but becoming a BrandNewMom has changed my perspective on celebrating certain ‘holidays’. My birthday, pagan holidays etc. just don’t seem to carry the same excitement as they used to. It’s not that these days all of a sudden lack importance but emphasis on their celebration has changed. Perhaps, it’s because with age comes repetition and a little less surprise factor. But I think it’s more that since becoming a parent, my excitement comes from my son and his excitement/experience of the holidays rather than my own. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely still nice to be on the receiving end of thoughtful gifts and gestures but my heartstrings are tugged when I see my LO’s face light up, his little grin and hear that squeal!

Despite this, my husband on the other hand continues to celebrate our love no matter what dynamic our little family is going through.


Valentine’s Day “Kiss” Recipe



I’m pretty sure most us have made rice crisp dessert squares before but why not shape it into something extra yummy and special for this Valentine’s Day?  As Brandnewmoms, we don’t have hours to spend baking. But that doesn’t mean home made gifts are out of the question! Here is a cute spin on an old favourite!