#GoldenGlobes worthy? Perhaps not, but as a BrandNewMom, these 3 films are must-see!

Prior to becoming a BrandNewMom and having my little guy, I’d watch movies involving young families but couldn’t truly relate. I mean how could I without having yet walked the walk? I could definitely empathize to a certain degree but parenting is just one of those things in life you have to experience first hand to really “get”. (Even then, some things remain a mystery! Like sleep! LOL) I digress.

My husband and I recently watched the films; Life as We Know It, The Change-Up and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Not one of these movies earned accolades or anything prestigious like the #GoldenGlobes but, for what it’s worth, they have gained some recognition in my book!…or should I say, blog! :)

It could have been because I was PMS-ing, but even though the films fall into the comedy genre, I found myself in tears half of the time! While sometimes under-exaggerating certain circumstances, all three movies delve into the new physical demands, emotional complexities, and relational quandaries new parents find themselves in. And they’re not just for BrandNewMom’s either! My husband admitted to silently reminiscing while watching the new dads become new dads.  Also, watching them pre AND post-parenthood is like night and day! Suddenly, hilarity becomes straight up sympathy! Without further adieu, I’ll give you a quick run down of each movie and how each highlights some of the potential issues, dynamics, and challenges becoming a new parent from conception throughout birth.

The Change-Up

The movie’s main premise is the good ‘ol switcheroo which, has been done time and time again. However, what’s different this time is the parenting challenges that come with becoming a new father are at the forefront. Envious of each other’s lives  Dave and Mitch switch bodies when they pee into an enchanted fountain. Both are forced to become entrenched in eachothers’ lifestyles. Mitch (Reynolds) goes from being a free spirit bachelor to the father of a daughter, baby twins and a successful but time consuming career. From remembering to pick up the children from daycare, to taking turns getting up in the middle of the night to change diapers, Mitch soon realizes and comes to respect all that comes with being a father. One of the scenes that rings true to me right now is when Mitch has the twins in the kitchen in the middle of the night. While he tries to prepare their bottles, of course, they manage to get into everything unsafe they aren’t supposed to.

One of the other main themes in the movie is how the relationship between Batemans’ character Dave and Leslie Mann is at odds. Dave has become so preoccupied with work and success that he doesn’t realize his marriage is falling apart. Having a young family and balancing a career and happy marriage is something I can definitely identify with. It takes diligence, mindfulness, love and true effort to nurture. Without giving the movie entirely away lets just say the Change-Up is a light hearted, hilarious movie that helps gain perspective from both sides of singledom to parenthood.


Life as We Know It

Katherine Heigel and Josh Duhamel in, Life as We Know It,  become unexpected parents, when their mutual best friends tragically pass away and name them as their daughters’ God parents. Both bachelors have successful careers that they are forced to balance together while suddenly immersed in all things baby. Some of the themes in the movie are dating while parenting and learning how to come together as a family unit regardless of the circumstances all for the benefit of the child.

There was more than just one scene in this movie that really stood out to me. Having said that, one of the more poignant to me as a BrandNewMom was when Heigel brings her new daughter to the paediatrician and has a breakdown in doctors’ office. She is overwhelmed with suddenly becoming a new mom and embarrassingly admits says that she has absolutely no idea what she is doing. I don’t know about you but that’s often how I feel. How should I know what I am doing? I’ve never done it before. Thankfully with my spouse, family, google.com and God’s help we are learning to work through any issues thus far.

Throughout the movie there was, what I thought, an honest depiction of how parental figures/relationships can become so stressful and heated arguments ensue. Both parties end up saying things they regret but hopefully something comes to a head and solutions can help move the couple forward.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

This star-studded movie showcases multiple couples entering parenthood in very different circumstances. From adoption, infertility, a one night stand, trying to conceive for several years, blended families, pregnancy with multiples, C-section, miscarriage, unplanned and planned pregnancies, cultural traditions this movie is able to touch on quite a variety of some of the diverse struggles parent face. I can identify with Diaz’s character the most. She is more of an A-type personality who has to research everything and at least try and do everything on her own. I also found myself using the most tissues during this one. It really transported me back to all of the emotions I felt while TTC, pregnancy, baby shower, labouring, giving birth, seeing my LO for the first time and falling in love. What a miracle to be reminded of!

I’ll close with a quote from the film;

“You don’t know true love until you’ve wiped someones’ butt” (Chris Rock’s character)

So as you prepare to watch the #GoldenGlobes keep these oldies but goodies in the mindbank for a rainy day. Grab a box of tissues and hunker down. Let me know in the comments which character(s) you most identify with now that you are a BrandNewMom!

*All opinions are my own. I have not been compensated or paid to write this review.

TTC? Surprising emotions that may accompany this “trying” time


 (photo credit Diemstudiosinc)

Unless you get pregnant on the first “try”, there’s a good possibility you and your partner are in for an emotional roller-coaster ride. Fasten your safety belts because it WILL be a bumpy ride! TTC can be a tumultuous time in your relationship or marriage.

 *Tip of the day* Ovulation and pregnancy tests from the drug stores can get expensive. Thankfully we found out early on that none other than the good ol dollar store carries them!

 Elation, Anxiety or disappointment?

 So you have made the decision to TTC and are so happy to bring a little one into your lives? You research the best timing in your cycle, you DTD (do the deed) and anxiously await the results. You pee on the stick, embrace each other tightly and stare for the next few minutes for that positive sign to appear. If it does, you are crying tears of joy! However if that is not the case, all of a sudden you cry tears of disappointment, worry, sadness, insecurity or inadequacy. We felt jealousy when we would see teenagers and other parents happily pushing their buggies. On top of all those emotions, DTD soon became a chore and lost its lustre.

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