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Dad’s Guide to Labour and Delivery


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For all of you brave souls who have also decided to go “all in” for the arrival of your little one, here’s a dad’s guide for labour and delivery.

Being our first, my husband decided early on in our pregnancy that he wanted to be as involved as possible with the labour and delivery of our son.This came as a complete surprise to me, as he normally cringes at the mention of needles or the slightest bit of gore. But knowing that he would more or less be a spectator over the span of nine months, he was motivated and excited to be a physical part of welcoming our son into this world.


3 Surprises in Pregnancy! (TMI)


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If you’re a dreamer like me, the idea of getting pregnant, dawning a brilliant glow and cushy curves had me envisioning pregnancy as some sort of ethereal state of wonder. There would be pixie dust and lace headbands, luscious lumps and bubblegum cheeks! Of course it wouldn’t be all about me…there would also be lots of nesting and baby closet curating to be done! Now you get to shop for two!!

I mean, hurling into a porcelain bowl and swollen ankles could NOT be MY experience! I forebode it! I definitely don’t believe in Earthly Karma but know God has a sense of humour. And wouldn’t you know it, I doth profess too much! I ended up, ‘err, blessed with a few other anomalies of pregnancy to make up for it! Here are 3 unsuspecting things/conditions I experienced during pregnancy.


Announcing Baby!


Congratulations you are pregnant!!! Now what??

Whether its a big surprise or you have done some “planning”, you and your partner now have a few more major decisions to make.

To tell or not to tell? That is the question.