Top #10 Hospital Bag Essentials

1.Car Seat-Cant leave hospital without one
2.ID/Health Card-preregister/tours
3.Birth Plan-cultural/personal, epidural mat- laboring Exercise Ball-position
6.toiletries- machines parking
8.change of clothes- shoes, suitable for day/night
9.babys clothes- couple outfits – weather- bunting fleece
10.Gatorade- post partum x4

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DIY Harvest table for under $80!


This is quite possibly one of the easiest DIY projects requiring the least amount of construction “know how” while packing the most designer punch! This table is a functional statement piece that will hold many family meals and dinner parties for years to come. So why bother make your own?

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Quick & Easy Congee for your Cold!

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Every Sunday we go to my parents house to fellowship and have a Bible study. Upon arrival, in lieu of a traditional, “hello how are you doing?”, they are more likely to ask if we have had something to eat. Let’s face it, everyone is happier on a full tummy and nobody wants to be around anyone who is hangry. This is especially a great  go-to soup for when you feel a cold coming on!
For breakfast/brunch, my parents often make our favourite chicken congee (kao peak). It really is the Asian version of chicken noodle soup. The fresh Asian ingredients give it a little more zing and additional health benefits.

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3 Surprises in Pregnancy! (TMI)


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If you’re a dreamer like me, the idea of getting pregnant, dawning a brilliant glow and cushy curves had me envisioning pregnancy as some sort of ethereal state of wonder. There would be pixie dust and lace headbands, luscious lumps and bubblegum cheeks! Of course it wouldn’t be all about me…there would also be lots of nesting and baby closet curating to be done! Now you get to shop for two!!

I mean, hurling into a porcelain bowl and swollen ankles could NOT be MY experience! I forebode it! I definitely don’t believe in Earthly Karma but know God has a sense of humour. And wouldn’t you know it, I doth profess too much! I ended up, ‘err, blessed with a few other anomalies of pregnancy to make up for it! Here are 3 unsuspecting things/conditions I experienced during pregnancy.

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BrandNewMom Babywearing 101

Baby-wearing (BW) fits into the Attachment Parenting philosophy. The attachment theory touts that strong relationships are formed in childhood between caregivers and babies which, are carried through to adulthood. To boot, close physical touch such as skin to skin and BW fosters secure attachments. The BW community is huge, has its own vernacular and underground buy and sell markets. While it’s argued that any BW is good BW, it turns out that for extended periods of time, there are some more favourable, efficient and comfortable varieties of baby carriers to chose from. I’m going to highlight different styles/brands of safe ergonomic BW that you may have never heard of or overlooked.

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Shout out to all the #International #Brandnewmom’s !!!


This is a mini-post to acknowledge and thank all of the visitors from near and far to! I know its called the #worldwideweb but I am still amazed at the reach of my visitors!

Shout out to all the #international #Brandnewmom‘s who keep coming back to see what’s new on the site! I see you;

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Monday Musings Blog Hop

Welcome to BrandNewMom! Happy New Year! I hope that your holidays have been full of food, family and fun!

When I began this blog, I admit I underestimated just how amazing and supportive the mommy blogging network would be! It’s pretty simple! We build one another up and teach each other a few random things along the way!

So, to kick off 2015 in honour of this simplicity, let’s share your latest and greatest blog posts here every Monday, called “Monday Musings Blog Hop”!


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