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Baby-wearing (BW) fits into the Attachment Parenting philosophy. The attachment theory touts that strong relationships are formed in childhood between caregivers and babies which, are carried through to adulthood. To boot, close physical touch such as skin to skin and BW fosters secure attachments. The BW community is huge, has its own vernacular and underground buy and sell markets. While it’s argued that any BW is good BW, it turns out that for extended periods of time, there are some more favourable, efficient and comfortable varieties of baby carriers to chose from. I’m going to highlight different styles/brands of safe ergonomic BW that you may have never heard of or overlooked.

Soft Structured Carriers (Buckle Carriers)

Pop culture has helped to promote the BW philosophy.  Movies like “Neighbours”, “Austin Powers-Gold Member” and “The Hangover” are some popular examples of films that feature soft structured carriers (SSC).

The Snugli and Baby Bjorn brands remain household names and are among those demonstrated in some of the aforementioned films. The latter company has recently recognized the benefits of having a wider “seat” and released their most ergonomic baby carrier yet. Forward facing carries are also not preferred as it’s argued to be overstimulating for baby.


(Honeycomb Front & Back Snugli)

The ErgoBaby Carrier also has a wide panel seat and allows for knee to knee support- stabilizing the hips and reducing hip dysplacia. Ergo’s come in so many colours and fabrics which is what makes them so popular even among celebrities. See some on my babywearing Pinterest board here! Beware of “FErgo’s” fake Ergo’s that do not abide to Babywearing Associate Standards for Safety

Tula Baby carriers are my personal favourite SSC as they are easy to use, incredibly comfortable and come in amazing fabric combinations. The only downside is getting your hands on one of their fancier wrap conversions is like winning the lottery which drives up after-market prices through the roof! The good side is if you are able to score one, they maintain their resale value so it is definitely worth the investment.


(Tula Standard Full Wrap Conversion Naida Pacific Tula)


Oscha Eire Etlan Standard Full Wrap Conversion Tula

Stretchy Wraps

A great option for younger babies are the stretchy wrap varieties. It’s one very long piece of stretchy fabric that can be tied in a variety of ways. You might have heard about the MobyWrap. I used this comfy wrap until my LO was about 15lbs and then found it sagged and became uncomfortable if worn for longer periods. A brilliant local mama to me has created the easiest stretch baby carrier requiring no long panels- just 3 loops called, Huggaloops! It supports baby to toddler weights! Check her out!


(Moby Baby Carrier)

Woven Wraps

Wrapping is not a new idea. In fact, many countries all over the world have been BW for centuries. There are several lengths and ways to wrap which are safe and snug. Like most other baby carriers, boutique handwoven or machine woven wraps come in vast array of beautiful fabrics and designs. Here are a few that I have tried; Girasol, Kokadi, and Oscha Slings.

****One of my readers pointed out that I forgot to mention Ring Slings as another type of carrier! Thank you!!

It may have slipped my mind because I have actually never gotten around to trying one as of yet. But rest assured, once I do, I will update this post with the specs! Here is a link to another local mama who designs and sells ring slings called, MOMME! I hear great things about them!


Prices of baby carriers whether it be SSC or wrap range from $100-$$$$! Exclusive releases and one of a kinds (OOAK’s) drive up the supply and demand! it really is another world. Whichever type you decide on trying or investing in please ensure that it abides by the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and meets all safety standards.

Have you tried babywearing? What kind of carrier is your favourite?

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10 thoughts on “BrandNewMom Babywearing 101

  1. Kaylene

    I love babywearing! i don’t know how I would survive without it with three young kids. My favorite is my girasol wrap, but I also have an onya SSC and a natibaby wrap. I dreeeeam of a wrap conversion tula! You go mama!

    LikeLiked by 1 person

    • @Kaylene Alright!! Another Babywearing mama!! And Girasol lover to boot! I have never tried an Onya or Nati but I hear great things!!! If you can dream it…it can come true one day : )


  2. 'Becca

    Nice post! You have tried a lot more different carriers than I have, but no ring sling?

    For my first baby, I had a cheap SSC that didn’t work well (once he hit 10 pounds, he slid down a lot and the straps wouldn’t stay adjusted) and a Maya Wrap ring sling that we LOVED.

    For this baby, I have a mei tai, a ring sling, and we were just given a used Moby Wrap that we haven’t tried yet. The mei tai was good when she was very small, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it now that she’s bigger, and I don’t like the very long straps. I have a new Maya ring sling, but since my son (9 years older) they’ve changed the design so that it has padding instead of a shoulder flap. This means you can use it on either shoulder, which is good, but it also means you can’t carry a bag on that shoulder (I need to carry several bags for our daily commute) and it seems to creep toward my neck more, so I’m not entirely happy. Looking forward to experimenting with the Moby this weekend when I have time!

    I’m completely convinced of the value of babywearing by my experience with my son: We bonded really well, he learned to speak at a reasonable volume in public because he had all that practice with being near me instead of yelling from a stroller, and he got a head start on learning safety rules for walking in traffic because he was watching my face and feeling exactly when I start moving.

    LikeLiked by 1 person

    • @Beeca, I actually had intended on trying a ring sling but I just never got around to it. I did do a lot of slip knot tying though with my wraps. It is so nice to see other passionate babywearing bloggers/mamas! The Moby is so comfy but is quite long. It will be inevitable to drag the tails. Does your partner babywear as well??


  3. Heather

    You have some fabulous styles going on there! I used the material wrap a lot, right up until he was 18 months. (I turned him around the other way). I found it was the easiest to get him in and out of. i then used a soft structured one for emergencies (crying session when I had to make food) with looped T-shirt material. The only thing is you have to watch where you are walking! I actually also wrote a post on that:


    • Thanks for stopping in Heather! Babywearing really is a great option for all times especially those emergencies! We had one of those terrible teething spells this afternoon actually! Baby was inconsolable and then once daddy had him snuggled next to his chest in the SCC he fell fast asleep! I read your post! Going to comment now! Chat soon!


  4. Shiloh

    I love baby wearing! I’m glad you found baby wearing works for you with one child!


    • Oh that’s awesome! What type of carrier does your LO prefer?


  5. Maria

    Such a great post. When my daughter was a bit younger I used to carry her all the time–in and even out of the house. I found it so helpful bc I could get more done around the house and also spend more time bonding with her!


    • Thanks Maria! It’s true, you can really get so much done! Even makes shopping around the mall more fun! Thanks for stopping by!



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