Engaged over the holidays? Start here!!

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Wedding Planning 101
Planning Plunders-You cried, “yes” and now your mind is going a mile a minute! Do you go for a trumpet, mermaid or ballgown?  What flowers best illicit your ‘essence’? Will you risk an outdoor wedding or play safe indoors? Before you get ahead of yourself, its a good idea hunker down and get organized. Download a good wedding planning ap or sign up on a wedding planning site like the knot.com before your imagination has you saying your nuptuals on a castle turret in Belgium! From budgets, reception ideas to do’s and dont’s,  not only will these mechanisms keep you organized, they will dually keep your feet firmly planted on this planet.

Balancing Budget- As a wise salesman once said, “Set it and forget it!” Oh wait, that was for food dehydrators…but still very applicable here!  When it comes to budgets, its more realistic to set a budget range like, $18,000-$20,000, rather than an actual set dollar amount. There are so many variables that come into play when planning a wedding that you would drive yourself nuts trying to nickel and dime.
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Harmonize Help-Brides’ Maids? For a bridesmaid, that may initially be an endearing term. However, after one’s chest deflates…the storm cloud reality of how much it costs to be a part of a wedding sets in. This is important for both the bride and the bridesmaid to consider before deciding on a wedding party. I have witnessed friendships fizzle as a result of this. There is so much to consider and while you want everyone to be up there with you on your big day perhaps limiting it to your two besties is enough to share the job and ease the squeeze on everyone elses’ wallets.
Neutralizing Numpties-Negative Nay sayers are the “Debbie Downers” during your wedding planning high. While it is important to remain grounded and hear the absolute truth, some people just cannot get over their own sadness to be happy for you. Some people might be safer from a distance during this time.
Fairy Tale Ending-You WILL get stressed out, probably have a lil breakdown, and be surprised to find out who your true friends and family are. Through it all it is so important to not lose sight of what is truly important to you and your fiancé, the love you share with each other and the love and  support of your family.
 (photo credit Diemstudiosinc)
Here’s to your happily ever after!
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3 thoughts on “Engaged over the holidays? Start here!!

  1. lovely post. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I love these kind of posts. I have an online wedding shop ( wink) xo P.S. wishing you a continued happily ever after♥


    • THank you for hosting the blog hop! I am hosting one tomorrow! You’re welcome to pop by and link up! I will check out your wedding shop!!! So nice to meet you Katherine and thank you for your comment! P.S. Still happy!!


  2. Great tips. Thanks for sharing with Equipping Godly Women. Hopefully some new brides will find it very helpful :)

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