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When my husband and I first met, one important quality (among many) we both hoped for in a partner was someone who shared strong family values. To some, immediate and extended family may not be of particular importance but for each of us, this was simply intrinsic. One day we would hope to be blessed with a tight-knit family of our own.

After we got married and purchased our first home, we felt ready for the next step in our lives. Like a lot of new couples, we wanted to ease our way into parent-hood. So after lengthy research, we rescued 2 retired racing greyhounds from Greyhound Relocation and Adoption Canada! They fit so wonderfully into our new little family and we thought to ourselves, “Okay, we are ready”.

So what happens next besides the obvious?!


 (photo credit Diemstudiosinc)

Well, why not do our best to be our healthiest for each other and our future little one by taking a look at our mind, body and spirit?

We researched as much as we could online, in books and asked our loved ones for conception tips and tricks for when we would start trying to conceive (TTC) is a great resource. We had deliberate conversations on child rearing practices/decisions and ensured that dialogue was always open. Onlookers could always tell whenever we got too busy to check-in with one another. :)

Before conceiving, my husband and I began cleansing our bodies of excessive processed foods, junk, alcohol and stayed away from potential teratogens. We ate more nutrient dense foods and I began taking these all natural vitamins. Of course, these lifestyle changes are great no matter what if going on in your life. We scheduled pre-conception doctor appointments to check for any anomalies and kept up our work out routines.

Lastly but definitely not least, we continued to nurture our growing faith, through prayer, study and shared our daily devotionals.

It all seem pretty obvious one might say however, unless we are deliberate in each of these areas, they can quickly be placed on the backburner and fizzle out. This will then directly reflect on the relationship which will suffer.

So, all things considered despite our age, we figured getting pregnant would be easy. Was the aforementioned enough? Did any of it matter? Were we being naïve?

Stay tuned for future post on Trying to Conceive (TTC)

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